Types of Hauntings



Ghosts come in many different forms and types. They all have a different mentality just like when they were alive. However, depending on what kind of ghost it is, will determine what kind of haunting it is. If they were sweet or playful while alive, they will continue that mentality after death. If they were grumpy, well then they will be grumpy as well. But there are haunting of different “types”. Not all are intelligent nor not all have human beginnings. From our experience and what we have read through the years, these are what we have come up with for different types of ghosts and haunting. This is not an all inclusive list by any means. This is also not a Bible so please use your judgment and common sense.


The Residual Haunting, in my opinion, is the least threatening. They walk (or glide) through the same way or doing the same thing over and over. They don’t even know you are watching their repetitive actions or that you exist. It is unsure if it even is an actual ghost. Some believe it is a psychic imprint from long ago. Some think it is caused by a traumatic event. Some think there is not even a spirit or ghost involved. It doesn’t seem to realize a door or wall has been moved and continues to move about in its own reality. Like the soldiers marching at Gettysburg that people see now and again.


This is where an active spirit is involved and the spirit is able to interact intelligently this is the typical “ghost” we all think of.  They retain the human traits from when they were alive but they are human spirits of people who were once alive. They often return to places they were connected to from when they were alive or seem to be stuck in the place where their deaths occur. They may be connected to a person. They may be trying to communicate with someone but all they do is scare that person and they mean no harm. They may be trying to scare someone away because they think that place is still theirs.

So why do they stay? They think they should stay and help. Some are connected an object or that object did not get to the correct person in their will. Some people were not good in life and are fearful of the afterlife repercussions. Some beings stay because they can’t move on and leave a person or their family. The big problem with this is, their kids grow up and spouse grows old and dies and does move on. Eventually, they are alone and do not know anyone. I am sure those are not all the reasons but these can give you an idea.


This is a mischievous and sometimes malevolent spirit that can cause havoc. They can make noises, move objects, bothers people and pets. It can start and stop suddenly lasting a few minutes or longer and stop and start sudeenly. Since they are such a nuisance, they can also be confused with other types of spirits.


This is a Non-human entity or Demonic haunting. I hate to even include this as it is the rarest of the haunts and one of much debate. Seems every time someone sees anything they automatically assume they have a demon and they do not. As I said, these are rare and most people will never encounter this in their lifetime.

These entities have never had a human form. They can create chaos and great stress for the human. Anything I have read or heard about them, they are horrifying to look at but all look different as they are different in nature. There is no rule or law on how anything looks just like here.

Some investigators will not take on these cases as these non-human entities pose a great threat to their safety. Others take on these cases but most often with a priest or equivalent. These cases are not to be taken lightly and could have some repercussions after the investigation is over.

Since these cases are very far and few between, I am not going into great detail. Just know that unless you are having extreme issues, you do not have a demon. If you think you do, please consult with an investigator to make sure.


Shadow people seem to be an enigma. Not set features except they are dark mass sometimes shaped like a human figure. They are elusive as you will mostly catch it out of the corner of your eye. The feeling of being watched.

There are actually other theories about who these shadow people might be. Like are they spirits or ghosts? Are they other dimensional beings? In this crazy world and ghost hunter shows on TV, are they a figment of our imaginations?

They are lumped into a paranormal category because they are an “unknown”.


Portals are doorways between the physical and spiritual world. I do not think that a portal is absolutely necessary for a ghost or spirit, but it is an avenue. Maybe an expressway! They can be created through natural earth energies or rituals. This is somewhat of a new idea and there is still a lot of speculation, however, where there seems to be a portal, there seems to be a lot of activity.