2010 Ross Cemetery

This is an old American Indian Cemetery. We were allowed on the property but when we asked for another visit, they were not as open. We respect their right to do so. I think that this may have been the first and only investigation there.

We caught nothing on video and very little on EVP. We could feel them there but they were not up to playing with us. A feeling doesn’t give you any evidence. I am, however, going to include some pictures as the place was gorgeous. I think cemeteries are beautiful places filled with a family’s loved ones. Therefore, the cemetery should also be loved.

The headstones on the older cemeteries have so much more style and grace.

This last one is very interesting. Yes, we caught orbs but the bright spot to the right and down of the tombstone is not round. It looks more like a blob. BUT … This exciting little blob … Has a shadow. Look under it.