This is our Miscellaneous page. We have gone to some strange places like the one listed first. They are not really investigations, but interesting.

Some of the things here are EVP’s and pictures we got while we were training ourselves to Ghost Hunt but not really investigations. There were people who were kind enough to just allow us to rattle around on their property.

The Joplin Spook Light
As a team, we decided to go see the famous Joplin Spook Light. We gathered our spouses and bought snacks and drinks like unsupervised kids. There were hundreds of people out there in great anticipation of seeing the ball of mysterious light. Around midnight, people started leaving and we thought we would have the whole road to ourselves. Much to our dismay, a whole new set of people came in. We finally left without getting to see the light. But as a team, we had a great time hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.