2010 Manufacturing Plant

This place had many of the employees talking about the spirits there. Being a business, they certainly aren’t going to “cleanse” the place. However, they did agree to allow us to investigate as long as we do not identify the location.

We caught nothing on video and little on camera so I am putting the up the elite of the EVP’s for you to listen to on here.

We were talking about a spot on our camera lens and it looked a little bouncy. At 7 seconds in there is a female (who seems a little psychotic) say … Why are you jumpy? You want me to shoot your head off?
She did not shoot our heads off, thank goodness. 

One of the guys called for George to come over. I guess the old woman there knew George as well. At about 4 seconds. But she is pretty loud. You will hear it.

This sounds exactly like the old woman above and was in the same general vicinity. Which, by the way, is by the bathrooms. I guess she was done because she hollers, “I’m out!”. Always good to know.