We have our investigations listed by the year they were done. Click on the year and you will be able to see a list of places for that year. You will also be able to tell we got better at presenting our pictures and video’s as time goes along even though I did make some videos of the better investigations.

We do go back and visit some of the fun ones a few times. If we do, I have put the investigation with the old investigation so you are not looking around trying to find them all.
We hope you will enjoy the pictures, videos and EVP’s we have accumulated over the years.  We certainly enjoyed getting them for you.

I can hear the EVPs on my computer or it does not make the cut. For the best listening experience for you, I always suggest headphones.

Before you watch or listen to our evidence, you should know that the ghosts and spirits left behind, sometimes have “Potty Mouth”.

Please understand that if the name is not listed, it is because they want anonymity. However, we also have permission to be on the grounds or in the building. Never trespass or break onto a property. That is against the law.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we did zero investigations in 2018

The years below here, we were located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. In 2019, we moved our operations to the Fort Smith, Arkansas area. Still a great team with the same knowledge and integrity as before.










We moved to the Ft. Smith, Ar area for 2019.