Friends on this Side

PSI Friendship is important to us and we have made great strides in making sure that we are trustworthy friends with others and ours clients. The people below are distinguished in their own right.  We take great care to ensure the people or business’ we list here are established and reputable.

This is our “Honorary Member, Sandie. If you visit her website, you have the opportunity to a vast and wonderful experience.

She does Psychic Readings you can get for you or a present. Beautiful stones that can be purchased and books she has written or co-authored on the subject. There are  mini videos on YouTube and a TV show called Psychic Creations and a radio show called Sandie’s Psychic Communique. Topics range from the Psychic, Metaphysic, Holistic Health, Paranormal, Spiritual to local talents and trades, including some interesting history. She also has her own ghost hunting team called The Thin Veil Investigators.

Click on the link below and be prepared to have some fun!

Sandie’s Psychic Stones



The most realistic, disturbing, and interactive haunted attraction in Oklahoma!

The main attraction of the year held in October, and winner of Oklahoma People’s Choice Award 2016 and ranked #1 by local critics from Oklahoma Haunted House Reviews & Tulsa Haunt Review in 2016, 2015, and 2014. The Asylum is an isolated experience in a 1940’s mental hospital serving as a guise for the cruel and unusual experiments being performed on perfectly sane people. You’ll find yourself performing surgery, hiding from monsters, trying not to get separated, and if you’re lucky: getting your hands dirty! Don’t worry…blood washes out.
The Asylum