2011 Old Military Installation

We went back to this place where we investigated in 2009. The first time we got a lot of good EVP’s. This time it was pretty quiet.

It rained off and on all night and we got some very unusual pictures. I am actually uncertain if these are typical pictures you get with rain, or did we really get something great? I have looked online and could not find any pictures of rain that looked like these.

I am going to post the pics on here. I will let you decide. As you look through the pictures, notice in the rain, it looks like, whatever these are, are going up and not down.

2013 “D” Home Investigation

We were contacted by a couple living in a complex of sorts. They said they had some “stuff” going on in their home. We decided to check it out.

We did not get much at all. But they were in close proximity of other homes so spirits can move pretty freely. If someone nearby has issues, if they come through then they have issues.

Anything in that area was not mean at all and sounded like they were just being around people. I do have a couple of EVP’s listed below.

One of the team members is talking and a male voice says, “Good Girl”. It’s always nice to be appreciated!
We are running the ghost box and I am telling them they are going to have to leave these people alone. Then a male voice says, “No, we don’t”.

2013 The Frozen Morgue

We contacted The Frozen Morgue to see if we could do an investigation there. They were very nice and allowed us to snoop around. They have since moved locations but this one was fun.

We have a video below for your entertainment. Towards the end of the video we do have an anomaly cross very quickly in front of the camera.

2013 Safari Marks

Safari Marks is now a wonderful bar and grill with live music. It used to be the prestigious Bradford Hotel in Sedan, Kansas built in 1904. A couple bought the hotel and remade the bottom story into what it is today.

However, during renovations, they were experiencing a lot of activity. Nothing malicious but they were certainly curious. Being an old historic building that’s gone through a lot, it had stories to tell.

The video is below here and we had our Remote Viewer do a look through the place to give us and the owners some insight that is below the video.

We usually give Sandie an address and she sends me the remote the following day of what she saw. So I don’t always know what to look for the night we are there. When she sees people or past events, I usually cannot verify but it does give us an insight into the past.

Remote Views    Sept 13, 2014

102 W. Main t.  Sedan, KS

I am walking through a lot of dried leaves and weeds. It sounds weird as whatever else I’m walking on, it sounds all crackly…like I’m breaking small twigs with each step, along with the rustle of dried leaves.

It’s a small town and there is always leaves and brush and could be the past your looking at before it was built. However, as a crazy idea … I took this pic of their carpet on the OUTSIDE chance that this may be the source.

   And for some reason, I keep looking behind me….turning my head to the left to look behind me. I can feel something, but I’m not sure if it is a man, woman or a creature: horse.  

I know the building is like one inch to my right, but I never look at the structure, what to my left where it looks like an orchard or a copse of trees sits, and then, even though it is dark, I can see, from where I am walking, there is a long dirt lane that appears to hook up with a main road. I am thinking it is the ‘driveway.’  I don’t think it is an easement to, perhaps, a building/home/store/etc. that sits further back on the land. But, I can’t rule that out either. It seems like wayyyyyyyyyyyy in the back there IS a structure.

I walked around a corner and there is a back porch, or enclosing, just about the size of the back door. It seems to be enclosed: boards on the bottom, screens make up the top half. The building looks or feels like stucco…rough like very coarse sandpaper.

They have actually added a little teeny tiny building for … I can’t remember what but I took a pic of the outside. It is the size of their door with screens on the top half. It is not coarse the main building is brick which is coarse.

I am kind of afraid to go into the building. It is very dark in there. Too dark. It feels like no flashlight can be seen in this dark. Even during the day, next to no sunlight can shine in.

Anyway, I hear water running. In two places: 1. A dripping into a sink. 2. Like water running through a pipe under the structure.

I hear a swishing, like that of a long dress that has a lot of stiff lace slips under it, petticoats I guess would be the name. Old fashioned.  I can hear footsteps too. They sound like a woman’s high heal….little steps, not like what would sound like a man’s long stride.

Walking through a doorway, I enter into another very dark room. A dining room or eating room at one time, I believe. I can smell rotten food, rancid fruit…that cloying, severely musty smell of completely rotten fruit. Icky. In here, I hear a spirit crying. I’m not sure if it is a small child or woman. I hear mostly sniffles and a little bit of breath intake. I don’t like it here.

The building had lots of windows but they do serve a full menu. It used to be a hotel and they use the bottom floor only.

When we crashed for the night (morning) George got up and saw Kelley was awake. They both heard a woman or child moaning. I think they had already put their equipment up but they heard it.

A dog is barking now, and being this room has weird acoustics, I can’t tell if it is outside or in another room in this building.

Why is it so blessed dark! Are the walls painted black? Was there a fire here and I see charred walls?

I am not sure if there is an upstairs or attic, but I am hearing very loud footsteps “above” me. It sounds like a man’s heavy or thick boots…stomping really. I feel he is very angry. Did someone shoot him or kill him…I feel he got murdered from behind – he didn’t see who shot or killed him.

I think I am on the bottom floor or basement now. The ceiling feels lower than a ceiling should. Was there a cave in of sorts? Wall paper falling off the ceiling?

George and I went into the basement. It has little except pipes and heaters, etc. However, I was very uncomfortable because the ceiling was too low. I am short and it was loooooow.

There is wall paper falling off the ceiling and walls on the two top floors. Here is a COOL pic that George caught. It has the peeling paint and two anomalies I was telling Kim about. . 

Lots of foliage now! WOW! Tons of plants, bushes, plants, bushes. Did I mention plants and bushes?  Where these came from I have no idea but I can see them quite plainly. I don’t know where the light source came from but I can see all the greenery. Too much! I can barely walk through it without getting caught or a vine sticking to me. Jeez! I do not know if I am inside or outside! Weird.

Look at the pic of the rug above. Maybe the carpet is grabbing you!!!

Rattling. Is someone tapping/rapping on a wall? It sounds like the wall is thin wood and while someone taps on it, the entire wall rattles. Is there a partition, or broken wall? Strange. Is the wind rattling the wall?  I don’t know if a ghost is rattling the wall to get your attention or not.

Are you guys using chalk of some kind? Talcum powder? Or just lots of dust? I believe I can see a find layer of dust/chalk/powder everywhere, and it smells like chalk dust. OR…am I seeing this dust as spirit dust? I can’t tell if this dust is now, or ‘then.’   One of you is sneezing, or coughing.  ??

Here ya go. I even took a pic of the dust/chalk piles. They were on many spots.

Moaning. A garage, or attached shed/building…I can hear moaning coming from it. I feel it is a man and his head is wounded or hurt, and he is moaning because of the pain. It isn’t a loud agonized moaning, but I can tell he is in a lot of pain. And I can ‘feel’ him holding his wounded head.

Was this a school? I hear kids laughing and playing outside. But, for some darn reason, I can’t find a window to look out of! Where am I?  Am I in the shed/garage that is attached to the house? I am really confused at where I am because it is so darn dark.

This place gives me the creeps for some reason. Have there been changes to this place recently? A fire? Or demolition. Something big has happened recently, and it feels to me like the spirits that hung out here are really upset about the changes in the structure. I wonder if this is why it is so dark in here – the spirits are keeping my visions of this place away, at bay, closed. Something. Usually I can see in dark rooms. But in this structure I feel like I’m trying to see through black concrete.

Just the added building that I know of.

There is a woman, perhaps from the 1910s…??….she is washing something using a washboard and bucket. She is thin, wears a thin linen dress. She, like the man in the ‘attic,’ is very angry. She is scrubbing a piece of cloth like she is trying to scrub the life out of it.  Here too, due to the dark, I can’t tell if she is outside or inside.

I hear large trucks rumble by. Or I believe it is trucks. Perhaps low flying aircraft. ?? But whatever it is, a low rumble shakes the house as it passes by.

Come to think of it, once we got started, George and I started on the bottom floor and its about 2:30am which is late. He said the same truck went by several times because he saw it. When Kelley and Cyndee came down, Kelley had told her he could hear the same truck going by several times.

Someone has followed me all through this structure. I have to keep turning around trying to find the spirit….I’m assuming it is a spirit….but I just can’t see it through the dark. I do know when it is right beside me because it smells like a dill pickle. The dill smell is very sharp, tangy and it hurts my nose to smell it….stings my nose.

When we first started settling in, before we even had any equipment out, George said he saw a dark man staring at us from the top of the stairs. 

   I wish it would stop following me though. It makes me afraid. It feels like the same entity that was following me outside while walking on the side of the house. God I wish I could see it!



I think this is it. I am not just seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling the same thing. Oh…this structure seems LARGE but I feel like I can barely turn around the rooms are so freaking small. This place, probably due to the darkness, has really screwed with my special senses.

2013 TH Home Investigation

We were contacted by a young couple that were having issues. The young lady was a little freaked out and they had kids so we did an investigation even though we don’t usually do any in the winter. I have videos and EVP’s posted along with a Remote View from our Psychic, Sandie, to have a look around and .

They confessed they had been fighting more lately. I told her that the spirits feed off that energy and some of the conflicts could have easily been caused by the spirits by needing their energy. And some fights are just fights and are legitimate. But they needed to remember that arguing can invite in unwelcome guests and that maybe they could take arguments literally outside.

With the assistance of Sandie, we truly felt that their particular trailer house was not the object of the haunting but that there were so many spirits in the places around that they were “coming through”. If they were fighting then a spirit would be attracted to come in and pick up some energy. Kids are a shiny light to the spirits. Kids are so pure.

After the investigation before we left, just to be sure and because they had kids, we cleansed and sea salted the trailer and around outside. We also gave them some helpful pointers. We felt this would at least make the spirits go around where they were out and about. Shields and barriers.

We are cleansing and I actually hear someone “else” talking. She says at about 4 seconds, Help Us. The recording for the same time is right below.
Again we were cleansing and George was getting up and complaining about his knees. It sounds like she says, You ok? You fine? The recording for the same time is below.

Remote View

Sand Springs, Ok

I have this vision of a box or crate. It seems like it is yellow-ish or it could be light colored wood. There is something very wrong with this box or its contents. It is almost like I’m afraid to go near it, so, I don’t.  I have a huge headache looking at that box/crate.

 This place was actually a trailer in a trailer park. Nice trailer park and there are little storage buildings for each one. We didn’t even think to go in there!!! We were there after dark. I asked if there was a yellow building and she said her trailer looks yellow from a distance. But I am uncertain this is it.

Lots of spiders are around. Yikes!

 Well…with trailers – you have them off the ground with huge crawl spaces. Hobos could live there.

I feel something ‘sneaks’ or ‘peeks’ in from the house next door…if I am looking at their house, the house to the right has some mighty weird spirits in it. I think someone recently died…there is a man that died.

They have only been there for 4 months and have had the feeling something was going on since they moved in. The trailer had been empty for 2 years before they moved in. The guy who cleaned it out after the previous tenants moved out found an Ouija board cut in half and no planchett.

I asked if looking at her house and right if someone had died – she said yes.  

I’m seeing phantom dogs running across the lawn and somehow they enter into a ground window. ??? I’m not sure what I mean by that…perhaps a basement “ground-level” window.  ?? When the dog gets into the house something sounds like it crashes. I don’t know if the dogs come into their home or the place next door.

 The ground window could again be the large crawl space under the trailer.

I hear babies crying. Is there a hospital or day care around the house?

I asked about daycare – she said there was a headstart program.

Shoosing sounds. I’m not sure what this sound is. Could it be water rushing down a pipe?  The heater? The clothes dryer? It seems like it gets loud then diminishes, then gets loud again.

 Cars going by? And with trailers, washers, dryers etc are easy to hear.

Red Tree. I have no clue what this means. I am not certain if this is a tree of red leaves in the back yard, or a business perhaps that is out past their back door.

This made me laugh – she said nope – no red tree that it was next door. hahaha ok … no red tree.

You feel uncertain Brenda. I feel you thinking along the lines that I am…..(Are these people manifesting things from their fear?  I can’t help but think that all house sounds they are turning into ghosts knocking down walls. I know this sounds harsh but anyone can make huge assumptions from small sounds)

 And I always wonder if a person just has a wild imagination. I have to wonder that almost every time not to be sucked into nothing but always open to the possibility.

Does a tree limb hit the roof? I can’t help thinking a tree limb or large bush hits the house/roof and that is reason to believe ghosts are trying to batter their way in.

Well … When we took a break – there are trees out and close. A team member heard some tree stuff hitting the roof – trailer roof – you know – metal!!!

Do they have a couple of small kids?  If so, they have seen the phantom dogs. Probably this is what they hear a lot of…perhaps sounds of like clicking toenails/claws on wooden or linoleum floors.

 HA! They have TWO small kids!!!! The people said they will put the kids to bed and go outside on the porch. After awhile, they will hear something running from one end to another like its the kids. They kinda thought the kids were playing with them. So they started to take notice what position the kids were in, in their beds. When it would happen – they would go back inside and the kids would be in the SAME position as when they went out. So … I wonder if it’s not kids they are hearing but dogs? Possible?

I also hear puppies whimpering. Is there a vet or kennel near?

 She said the people across had 4 dogs and two cats. Wow.

A store or business that is close by definitely has some spirits in it. If your clients have seen a man or shadow man somewhere near their house, it comes from there.

There is a Dollar General and a Convenience store in walking distance. She did say she had seen a black figure. They are probably moving because of job related issues. She complained that something was waking her up and not feeling good.

What yellow building is close by. This has its share of ghosts and if your clients have young kids, then the ghosts come visit them.

 The K2 would go off more when we talked about the kids.

I see a rounded out building…shed, lean-to, small garage. Something is in there! WOW!  I wonder if it has anything to do with the crate/box I mentioned above. That is an earth element….and a nasty one. It sits in the dark waiting for something. (I sound like I’m writing a horror novel! Watch out Stephan King! lolol)  So if your clients hear things in the outbuilding, tell them to stay away from that place especially after dark. I don’t think it will be around for too much longer, but for now, it is best to let that element have the shed to himself for a while.

She said everyone else has a shed – BUT them! There is one with a rounded roof down the block and very close.

The clients seem to be really nice people…it is a nice family.

 Yes – They were young and a little scared and extremely nice!!!!! We really liked them. So sweet.

That is about all I can see/hear/feel. It is kind of weak in the activity department in their house. To be honest, I sense more things in the buildings around them than in their own home.

I think she will be glad to hear that.

You know, after ‘returning’ to the home, I don’t really know if your clients are truly haunted or not. I can’t ‘feel’ anything there outside of many, many, many spirits passing by as they all float around that mobile home park. It is like a circus there!  So, in all honesty, if you wanted to tell them that their house isn’t HAUNTED, that is ok. But it is haunted by all the other spirits running around freely all over the place.

Understood. We have run into that sort of issue where spirits breeze through.

2012 Cave House

The Cave House is very known in Tulsa. It was built in 1924, as a Restaurant. Being built during prohibition, it was also a speakeasy. It not only has Flintstone like architecture, but very interesting. They still have tours if you are interested.

I am posting a few pics and a “Remote View” from our Psychic Sandie.

We came up empty handed when it came to any video or EVP’s but still a fun investigation.

I believe our Remote Viewer got more than we did. However, she can “see” things we cannot and into the past, where we really cannot. He findings are in regular type and my responses are in bold. Her take on all of it was very interesting., to say the least.

Remote View

1623 W. Charles Blvd.

Tulsa, Ok.

I see a wide street here…and even though it is called a blvd, I’ve seen some mighty small blvd roads!  I feel that many accidents have happened on this street and in front of or near this address. And because of these accidents, there is a LOT of added ghostly activity along with the other activity already in the building.

I see a man of about 70 and he keeps ‘getting up.’  I don’t know if he is laying on the street and he gets up, or if he is sitting in his crunched car and ‘gets up’ to leave. I’m not sure what he is doing but he constantly gets up, then, the scene loops again. I have a feeling this poor man doesn’t know he is dead. The man is wearing a white shirt with what looks like small lines of blue with a dot or circle of blue dispersed evenly along the lines. The shirt is short sleeves with a button down collar. I can’t see his face because I am in the back seat, and so can only view his head which, he has gray tightly curled hair. This car is really smashed up…the front is almost to the back. I think a semi hit him or he hit the semi.

It is a downtown street a four lane on a curve. Charles Page BLVD. There was an accident involving a policeman a few years ago. He did not make the curve and he died.

oooooooo…..this place feels like it is off. I don’t know what I mean by ‘off.’ Like it is tilted or off the foundations or something. It feels like the two pieces don’t match up.   ????????

I guess all you have to do is look at the picture of the Cave House. HA!

 I see a small boy, about 8 years old, walking his dog. I believe the dog is a golden retriever. Actually, the boy is going to the store on the corner and the dog is protecting the boy, making sure he gets to the store and home ok.

His mother sent him with money and a list. I believe this child and dog might have crossed over in the 1930s or 1940s.

 This is going back too far for us to know but probably a glimpse into the past but, this house and area was very active in this time period.

I see a ton of flowers along a wall/barrier. Are some of the front yards sitting up higher than sidewalk level? This is where I see a lot of flowers, pretty light colors mostly of white and yellow. It is quite fragrant, this row or bed of flowers. It is interesting these flowers, because I see many spirits stopping to look or smell them!

Again – the picture has the flowers – yellow flowers.

Is there a school close by? Or do the owners of this property have a swing set? I see phantom kids playing on the swings. There is a slide but the set is so old that the slide is metal and very hot. No kid wants to go down it because of the intense heat coming off it from sitting in the sun all day.

 There is not one now. People have told her there used to be a slide and play ground items to the side of the house. And … there is a park across the street AND, there is a Juvenile Detention Center very close.

Is this a place for kids? A school, a playground, a day care center? Lots of ghostie kids are milling around. Some are playing, like on the swings, some are tossing/bouncing balls back and forth. Many are laughing. But numerous are just walking around, looking lost, feeling depressed and sad.

Someone keeps coughing or sneezing.  And I hear “opps” or “whoops.”  Was the floors or ground slippery?

Apparently, there is a portion in front that used to be concrete. They brought in a lot of dirt and covered it and she said it gets “squishy” when it rains or is moist. She said it feels “slide-y”.

Was there once a two or three (or more) story building on this spot? It seems like there was something very wrong with the structure…it wasn’t up to code, was unsafe due to it being old, etc. That building’s energy is still in the land, and if this is a private residence and they are hearing knocks and other noises, and feeling either cold or hot spots.

It actually is said to have “tunnels’ to other rooms and it is a two story. Down in the rock wall, rooms. They have thought about finding the doorways but are also afraid of stability.

I feel there is something very wrong here, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I see many, many spirits just floating around. They feel so lost, so alone. I think many don’t know they are dead, because their deaths happened so fast, so quickly. Was this a jail or small hospital at one time? Were people tortured in there?  WOW….all of the pain, the depression, the sadness, the feelings of loss, of being lost, in despair.

 Well … it was the … depression…

There are very loud noises, like trucks with no mufflers, or a train goes by, or a siren shrieks or low flying aircraft zooms over….all are a nuisance – to the living. The spirits cringe each time something loud goes by or sounds off. This keeps them pretty well unnerved!

 The street is very close to the house. The picture you see of the Cave House is where the grass ends and the 4 lane street begins. They have cars going by day and night. Downtown is only blocks away. And she said the train is VERY close by. She said when they connect the trains up, that it is terribly loud.

Are there many streetlights here?  Or lots of store/house lights, or beacons or spotlights? It sure is bright!!!!!! My eyes are sure hurting from the brilliance of all those damn lights.

 The upstairs windows face the street and the street lights which is one thing we noticed while there. The street lights keep it from being dark at all up there.

Who keeps crying? I hear kids crying? Was there kids here?

She said a few years ago, there was a psychic that came over but didn’t stay long. She said she sensed there were abused children upstairs. Other people have said children were there – before. 

On the second floor of this building or the building that was once on the land, there is something slithering there. I’m not sure if it is a creature or a kid sliding down a bannister, but something dark is slithering. It creeps me out and I don’t like looking at it because I can’t see just what it is, as the staircase is dark. (where are some of those blasted lights from outside?!?!)  If the people in the building now hear scraping or swooshing, that is due to the slithering thing. Icky.

Linda said there was another small shaky building on the land that went into a cellar. The earthquake pretty much did it in a few years ago. Another lady had said she went in but it was too creepy so she did not go very far. Linda decided to go in and make a tree limb cover for it. She said she started seeing snakes dropping and slithering everywhere. Said she kept working all through it. This might be the slithering of the real snakes. 

2012 “G” Home Investigation

We were contacted by an individual that gave us a long list of activity that seemed to be going on in his apartment.

I really try to talk to the people in apartments because it is not a stand alone building but many different families in that building that it would be difficult to hone in on it. Even if a spirit is stuck in that building, it can literally go from apartment to apartment. Even if we go in and cleanse, it could simply go to a different area until the cleansing eroded enough.

As we suspected, we found nothing and got less. We are always sensitive to someone’s plight. so we did give him helpful suggestions to keep any activity down and his apartment calm. We did not hear back from him so I can only assume things were quiet.