2012 Old Abandoned Hospital

This was the first time we went to this old hospital. Because it was so great, you will find we went several times.

Six stories of broken dreams.

A short video to give you a sense of the place and our investigation and a Remote View from our psychic, Sandie is below. Enjoy.

Remote View

Old Abandoned Hospital


I see a very long white fence. Does this surround a large tract of land?

I am sure there is a fence. We went through a front gate and the place is on originally a 1000 acres. That would be considered a large tract, to me.

I hear whooshing sounds like car tires on the road passing along that w i d e length of fencing.

There are a lot of roads in and around the place.

I see several man spirits standing and leaning against what looks like a pole or the end of a building/barn/stable. They are all wearing perhaps 1920’s clothing…each has a vest on. They are talking about who is” going to go first.” ???

I see horses surrounding the buildings. Is this where horses are kept or bred? I can’t help but think there were stables or a smithy shop here a very long time ago. I see live and spirit horses.

That would be about right. They started making plans to build this place aprox. 1909. They have pictures from that time period on the grounds and you will see men on horses. If there are horses – there has to be barns.

I see a small girl spirit, with the cute pinafore dress, ribbons in her hair, high top button shoes carrying a rag doll. She is walking down a dirt road or dirt pathway. She seems happy one minute, sad the next. I can’t see where she came from or where she is going…it seems like she is looping herself along one small tract of that road. I wonder if she were killed/died in that 20 feet of land/road and lives her death over and over.

I believe the second floor is where people hear children. Supposedly, there is a boy and a girl. However, many children came through this place.

I am seeing an old house, but it seems as though it has been remodeled or added too with newer rooms, or roof. I see the house is white with a pink or mauve (at least that what the color is to me) trimmings. Has an earthquake hurt one side of the house/roofline? Did something crash into it? It seems like the wiring or plumbing could be dangerous now due to the damaged house.

This place has been remodeled, some. I think the original building was several YARDS from the back of the now building. I am unsure of what happened. Maybe the building was just too small. But it was pretty wrecked inside so even though I am not an electrician – I’m going safely say they have a few “issues”. And there were some areas where the ceiling was falling down. That being said, there are several house types of buildings on the grounds.

I keep hearing “I arrived.” Is this a spa or hotel or lodging place of some kind – in the past or now? I hear different voices say “I arrived.”

You got the Spa – Hotel – Lodging place. They would always try to play those places as a retreat instead of a hospital.

If there is an upstairs/attic to the building, I am hearing scratches on the flooring of this section. It seems like a spirit is laying on the floor, in pain, and scratches the floor hoping someone will hear him and come to his aid. You know, my vision was creepy about that…I could see a man on the floor and he was scratching like he was trying to move himself. It was a true horror-movie vision.

Charity and her group heard scratching on one of the floors and have a light EVP with the scratching.

Wails. When the wind blows I have a feeling that there are not just sounds of the wind blowing through a crevice or open window, but wails of young men and women. Like either in ecstasy or in pain. Sometimes both situations emit the same kind of wails or moans.

It is said that people had heard wailing on the 3rd or 4th floor. George got a moan on his that is on the EVP page.

I am seeing a spirit man, again in turn of the century clothing, running to a building. He is running as fast as he can to either get away from something, or quickly get to the house/building. Again….the “I arrived.”

We cannot confirm this as it seems to be a vision of the past. But we do have an EVP that says, “They’re here”.

I am hearing the number 17. Was this at one time part of the address here? Or there are 17 significant items/buildings here.

We have not figured that out yet.

I see some kind of spirit – human or bird? – swooping in from a hill behind the house. ?? Or if there is a large building behind the house. I’m not sure just what I’m seeing as it is too dark. But I can feel and hear and kind of see something swooping in. It has large wings or some kind of arm-span. What the hell is that?

Not exactly sure – BUT the windows upstairs were large and had bars across them. There were a few windows (not all) had dead pigeon type birds laying at the bottom of the windows. Not sure how they got between bars and the glass. There were recent dead birds down to skeletons of dead birds. They were, at times, 2 bodies deep. A real head scratcher.

What is across the street? I am feeling very negative, hateful energies from across the street. It seems like someone is very jealous, envious, competitive and petty. I feel these energies are from a living being, not from someone who has crossed over… But at times, the hateful energies are so powerful that birds will scatter from the trees in front. Weird. But negative thought patterns can soar through any airwave. Sad.

There are still some buildings on the grounds that take care of people. Not the building we were in but in the other buildings on the ground there.

In the kitchen/kitchen area there is someone sitting at the/a table. He, older man, is thinking on something….sometimes he grunts when he has an epiphany in this thinking…he is smoking either cigarette or cigar. His smoke can be smelled at certain times. I know he’d love to have a cup of very strong coffee. Perhaps the owner could make him one?

There was a kitchen on every floor. This sounds more like an interesting glimpse into the past.

I keep hearing the word “Terrible.” Was there a horrific accident here?

Being a hospital in this time period, they lost too many people. It was terrible.

Sparkling lights. Has anyone stated they see sparkling lights? It seems like the lights are seen over an outbuilding – shed, barn. For some reason, some kind of fairy type of spirit lives in/on/around that building. How fun! I haven’t seen those kind of energies in a while. How lucky for them.

Wish I had seen them!!!

Was this a battlefield at one time? I can’t help seeing some very horrific deaths across the wide expanse of land. It looks like a Gettysburg type of spirit phenomena…spirits walking around all over the place! Way too many spirits walking around in despair, heads held low, stumbling along. Sad.

Yea – all patients. I can see how she would confuse it with a battleground. So many sick people in such a confined area and dying so fast over so many years.

If there is a water way – river or creek or stream or pond or pool – nearby the water needs to be checked. It is kind of toxic.

Although I have no doubt there is water on such a large area of land, you probably honed in on the basement. It had standing water that looked nasty. We were a little ill at ease with that aspect.

(No offence to the place or people you investigated, but, I didn’t like this place at all. It was quite difficult for me to ‘see’ things because I just wanted to get away from here. Weird.)

I can see why.

2014 Haunted Prison

This was our second time at The Haunted Prison. It is always amazing.

They housed refuges from Cuba here back in the day. But they weren’t really refuge’s. They were criminals released by Cuba. They had a lot of bad people here.

After it closed, the prison was bought and eventually made into a haunted attraction. Being a “haunted” Haunted attraction is even better.

2010 Old Military Installation

We visited this place in 2009 as one of our first investigations as a team. We had a lot of activity so we decided to go back.

We did not get as much as before but they didn’t seem playful. We do have a couple of pictures and three Evp’s to entertain you. I did amplify the bakery one so you could hear it better.

At the very beginning a male says, Hi There! Even one of us heard it.
You can hear after we quit talking a whisper saying Help … Me.
We were out by the supposedly bakery and kitchen area. At about 6 seconds you can hear someone say, We’re making bread.

2012 “S” Courthouse

We had visited this old but real courthouse before and wanted to go back. We had taken some friends with us who were interested in the place. We did get some cool Evp’s and pics which I am pleased with. When we go back to places, we never get the same things.

We did have the Ghost Box going but it doesn’t sound like a Ghost Box voice. The guys were discussing something completely different and one conceded, Yea it does. Then the voice, who obviously agrees said, “Yea, it does”.

We are starting to pick up our toys to go home. Towards the end you can hear a female say, “Oh Dear”.
I think this one is funny. We are looking at a possible hole in the ceiling and the female with us just says, huh. But then you hear another female say … “What?” So confused.

Had lots of orb pics but this is unusual. The first pic is the original and the second shows the blob bigger. This place is clean and well cared for. There was zero trash. I have no clue what this is.

2014 Psycho Path

The people here are always nice to allow us to come play now and again. There is always something here and always a lot of fun. Yes, we do this place just for fun.

At 8 seconds and up through 11 seconds you can hear a female laughing and talking. He and I are the only ones in the building. Then I hear a door close. It’s faint but it’s there.

Again, we are the only two in the building and we kept hearing something moving around.

George hears a WOOOO. HaHa! He really did. I did amplify the wooo to make sure you heard it too.

2013 Psycho Path

The people at the Psycho Path were very generous and allowed us to come back just for fun. They all know it’s haunted.

We have a video and a “remote view” from our psychic, Sandie LaNae listed below.

Remote View  2013

1517 E. 106th Street North

Sperry, Oklahoma

I am seeing a man spirit, leaning against/over a fence. I believe the fence it to the road. He is smoking waiting or either a ride or someone coming ‘home’ in a car. But it is an old car, like a Model T. The man’s clothing – dark colored baggy trousers and white shirt with arms rolled up – look like farm-ware in the early part of the 1900s.   The road is dirt.

There is a fence on the front of the property next to the road. The owner and his oldest daughter have seen someone walking along the road in front of the property but when they go out to the road to see who it is, the guy has disappeared.  They have both said that the guy was wearing a white shirt.  

I hear ‘hoooo hoooo hooo’. Are there owls or doves/pigeons nearby?

Actually, we did hear some hoot owls and some pigeons that night.

I see the spirit of a dark large dog running back and forth in front of a building – house or outbuilding like a barn or shed. It looks like a hairy Labrador type of dog. Long fur blows out behind him/her when it runs. S(H)e is happy though, like the dog is playing or running after something fun.  Has the owner of this place recently been hearing a dog barking – but no dog is around? If so, it is this phantom dog.

Must be a Phantom dog.

Playful. I am seeing children jumping up and down, happy over something. I am not sure if they are playing a jumping game or if they are just jumping for joy over something. Perhaps they are having fun with the dog. Their laughter is quite loud. Did you hear kids laughing?

 One of the teams that were using the flashlight to communicate felt like they were talking with a young boy.

It seems like to the south east or south west side of a large building stands a fairly large tree. Or there used to be one in this spot. There is a phantom boy that hides either behind the tree or IN the tree trunk. It is either hollowed out naturally or by someone digging at it. Here too, the little boy looks to be wearing clothing from the 1920s or 30s. He has what looks like a bowl cut hair-do. He looks to be about 7ish.  ??? 

 Southwest from the costume and makeup buildings there used to be a homestead.  This is also where that old well is located.

   Ok. Was someone buried near/next to/under this tree? I am not sure it is the little boy or not. It seems like the person buried here either wasn’t known – a transient perhaps – or wasn’t reported missing, or something like this scenario. I think if the area was dug up bones would be found. I don’t feel good at this tree, but I can’t figure out why the boy is hiding in the tree. Maybe he is the one buried there, or it is a family member or he saw the person being buried and he is trying to get the area noticed by his energy there. This is confusing for me as I can’t decipher just what is what.

Have you heard bells? I’m not sure it is wind chimes, or a church bell calling service, or a house door bell, but the bell(s) ring frequently.

A couple of the guys had to go back to get something they left to a place called “Hillbilly” and when they came back, they said they heard Hillbilly wind chimes. When we asked what they meant, they said it sounded like wind chimes but made with stuff around a yard.

Hammer. I hear someone asking for a hammer. Was there an incident involving a hammer, or, perhaps a woodworker living here? I keep hearing a man say, “I need a hammer…where is my hammer?”

While we were out in the middle between sessions, we heard what sounded like someone took something like a hammer and nagged it on one of the barrels.

Has this place been on tv or the news or something lately? I hear the word, “sensationalism.” Has this place been wrongly accused of faking paranormal activity? Or those who are skeptic or unbelieving saying something? It seems like there has been negative speaking of this place. And it’s not fair for this area/building to have such nonsense said about it.

Maybe the sensationalism is the fact that it is a Haunted Attraction. Any Halloween haunted attraction “fakes” the scenes for the public but this place really has sightings of spirits as well. Also, Psycho Path was featured in a news spot last October.  They were supposed to perform the opening show but several things went wrong and caused some negative publicity.  

Road sign. If there a large, what looks like a huge sideways “V”   (like this>) pointing the way to this place, nearby? If so, a spirit isn’t happy that this place is ‘advertised’ or shown the way to because of this sign. This spirit is pretty pissed off because of that sign. I have a feeling this spirit and the sign is associated with the negative TV or media commentary as stated in the above paragraph.

They have a new billboard which has an arrow pointing in the direction of the haunt.  This sign caused some controversy when they first put it up because of the creature on the sign.  

I see a small girl in a cute dress, hair up in pigtails walking on a wooden sidewalk or porch. She, like the dog, just walks back and forth the length of the walk way. It looks like she is carrying a doll. She looks to be about 4 or 5. And she ‘feels’ to me like she is waiting for someone to come onto the property too, just like the man by the fence.

   Do you know of a significant event where someone came to this place or came home and that event was known to many people? It sure feels, with the man leaning on the fence and this little girl that their anxiousness about someone coming to this building/house was known to many people. I guess it might not have happened what with the spirits still waiting, or, it did happen and it was such a happy event that the spirits are wanting to live it again.

Patent. Did someone here at one time invent something to where the patent is still in use?  Weird. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the word Patent.

Squabbling. If there are chickens here, or were here, they are sure putting up a ruckus! Something has got them stirred up and squabbling with each other!

Why … Yes! Here is a picture of the old chicken coop.

Ferry boat. Is there a river nearby? I hear a riverboat, or, some kind of boat blowing its horn. It is annoying. It won’t stop! That and the bells are driving me nuts. It sure is noisy here!

There are two major creeks that run very near the land but we don’t know if there has ever been any major boating on either of these creeks.  The original settlement of Sperry was along one of these creeks so it is possible that some type of boats were used at one time.

That is about it. My ears, between the dog barking, the chickens squawking, the bells and that horn, are about to fall off!  The only soothing sound is the owl/pigeons.

Have a good investigation! I’m gone!

2016 Pyscho Path

This place is always phenomenal but our time was cut short. A huge storm came through and we could not actually finish the investigation. But below is what we did get as it always has some activity.

2017 The Brick Bar

This was an older business building in downtown. They took it and made a restaurant on the main floor and a bar with a live band in the basement. It also had an upper floor however you had to access it from outside the building.

They contacted us and said there was a lot going on and being intrigued, we went to check it out.

There is a video for your entertainment and a “remote view” for you to read through.

Remote View

August 19, 2017

104 S. 2nd Okemah, Oklahoma

The first thing I see is a bunch of boards all askew and leaning and laying and etc. They look splintered and sharp and dangerous in this pile heap.

The ground floor was all old wood planks. Very rustic. I was actually a little surpised as some of them were craggy and looked a tad sharp.

There is a man spirit, standing over the pile shaking his head. He is dressed like in a maintenance uniform – either a grey or green pants and shirt. He had his hat off, wiping sweat from his brow. I asked him where is from and I believe he said either 1950 or 1952. He is nervous and angry about the pile of broken wood that looks like either 2x4s or old fencing.

Above the ground floor there is a half balcony. They have not cleaned any of that up, up there and it is indeed messy with a lot of junk. The workers said that the owner was standing there one day and a board flew off the balcony and hit close to him.

I don’t know what in the world I’m hearing but it sounds like someone screaming. Is there a school near by where kids yell and holler and scream during recess? This is how I hear the sounds – not like someone is in danger, but screaming because that is just something to do outside. I wish she’d stop – it hurts my ears it is so shrill.

OR…could this be a whistle of some kind? Train. End-of-work shift whistle.? I don’t think this SOUND is at this building, but is almost right next door.

There is a school 3 blocks away. There is another bar right next door as well.

If this building has two stories, (perhaps attic) I would advise the uppermost floor be cleansed with sage or something. I feel there is three Native Americans’ spirit there. I believe at one point they were hiding – perhaps not in this building but in another building that was here before, or if there was an underground chamber: cave or something, maybe a basement.

There is the ground floor which is the restaurant. A basement which is the bar with pool tables and dance floor. The balcony which I told you about. AND .. another story on top of those. They have done nothing with it and it is a mess from non-use.

One of the girls also told me a long time ago there were underground tunnels! However, closed in now.

Anyway, the Native Americans: (1. Man, 1 woman, 1 male teenager, perhaps 17 years of age)  are NOT happy at all that people are in their home/area/cave/spot. Now, I am thinking these three are from the mid1800s…perhaps 1850s or ‘60s. They have been angry for a long time and so if there are things/items/furniture moved, or the sounds like thumps and bumps of things moving are heard in this building, rest assured it is these three.

Noted and I will tell them!

What is this place? I see a calliope! Is this a fairgrounds or something? I don’t know if this is a real like carrousel or if it is a toy. I just see it right in front of my face. And even though I usually love to ride these…yep…even at my age!….this one I’m seeing for the remote is bothering me. Like negative things have happened on it. I think “something lives” there/in it to be honest. For the life of me, I can’t see past the vision I am having. I can’t see into the middle part where the mirrors are, and the gear housing and belts and electric wires and such.

  I wonder if this is the shrill sound – music – I’m hearing. Some carrousel music sucks – it is too loud or raspy speakers or something.

There is a Merry-Go-Round at the school and the bar next door has a canopy over their door. The downstairs bar area was playing loud music. Not sure if any of these are what you are looking at?

If there a kennel around? I see lots of dogs running around the back, outside, of this place. They are phantom poochies though, not live dogs. But there are many of them. They could be wolves or coyotes, but they look like Irish Setters and cream colored Labradors to me.  They run around in a very WIDE circle – they run like they are lost or looking for a way out: gate, door, something.

I am feeling a lot of sadness, anger, lost, confused feelings here.

 Well well well. This brings me to the lady who lived upstairs on the second floor which is in dissarry. She actually owns the building but apparently is also a little crazy. It’s been in the 90’s to 100 degrees here in Oklahoma. There is ZERO A/C or heat up there yet she stayed and slept up up there. When we went up to investigate, we were sweating buckets. There was some sort of ordeal and has left but not that long ago. That would seem a little sad, angry, lost and confused to me.

Was this building, if it is a building, built many times over? For example, fires burned it down many times. Or it was changed: remodeled, added too, torn down and rebuilt. ???  I am just feeling that this building, or area, had a LOT going on it/inside, to where the spirits that have returned or have been ‘kept’ here are not liking all the changes of the floor plan through the years.  

This was built in 1903. Been a feed store, a doctor’s office upstairs, restaurant and bar and no telling what else. Good solid building. BUT … also yes a fire there as well. Soooooo yes. A lot of changes.

All of you PSi, please take care while in on your investigation. I feel a darkness hovers over or in the building and it is NOT tolerable to anything or anyone.

Was this a warehouse at one time? I sense a L A R G E room…wide open space. Was this an airplane hangar? WOW. Here again, I don’t know what this place has been because I’m seeing this warehouse building, and then I’m seeing a comfy little home built on the area! Was this once an industrial area made over into a neighborhood? 

The restaurant area is one HUGE room.

Yikes! My poor brain.

Either way and whatever way this area has been, there is something here that isn’t too positive. Had there been killings, or accidents, or major things moved around, broken, missing? If so, then it is the dark entity that is doing it all.  It seems like the most weirdest things happen here! Things that can’t be explained.

There is a door on the upper floor that it seems leads to nowehere? I mean you open it and you are outside. A man fell out of that to his death. When it was a feed store, a bag of feed fell on a womans head and killed her. I believe there were also 3? Kids who were killed but I don’t remember how or why.

Poltergeist activity. That is what I’m sensing. Boy…that entity is pissed at something, and I don’t feel it is either of the three of the Native Americans. Although, they are very angry.

There are reports of post and pans rattling and a few things missing. Also noises and items moved.

Sneezing. I hear a lot of sneezing going on. There is something in the air that isn’t good. Perhaps pollen, or, what I’m really believing is that entity is sucking out all the good air and all that is left is almost toxic to breath. It sure stinks! Like the air in a room that has been locked up for a very, very, very long time. Ackkkk!

The night we were there, the vent hood in the restaurant was messed up and it was smoky!!! Not sure if that is what you are seeing or maybe the previous fire.

Was there once a big burly man who lived here, or owned the building? He looks like Brutus on the old Popeye cartoons! Ha ha ha  He is a spirit now, and he comes back to look for things he lost. I don’t think he is here all the time, but does return to look for things. If there have ever been drawers opened by themselves and/or cupboards opened, that is him. He is looking for something,  and I think he mostly visits a/the kitchen area.  It thought at first it could be like draws and such in a garage, but no, I faintly smell food and lots of cleansers: like dish detergent, Ajax, bleach.

HaHa! That’s pretty funny! But I think there is a lot of activity in the kitchen area.

This is about all I’m seeing. I don’t want to be here anymore as the shrill whistle/scream, the anger and the stinky air is getting to me.

2017 Old Nursing Home

This was a nursing home in Northwestern Oklahoma. It had been closed for a while but they were getting ready to renovate the building for a different use.

We had some good experiences there although not all of it was caught on video or our recorders.

Under the video is a “remote view” from our remote psychic.

Remote View

June 9, 2017

I see lots of white. Perhaps the building is white.

I have a feeling all the white she saw was medical and medical uniforms?

I also see a lot of old people here. Was this the residence to a large family at one time? Lots of grand parents, older aunts and uncles.  ?? It seems like there isn’t enough room to house them all.

One grumpy man is, I believe, in a wheelchair. He is a little hunched over…I don’t know if he is looking out the window or if he has some osteoporosis. But he is hunched over and he is a very bitter man. It feels like he resents (or feels) that something has been taken away from him. Maybe the house? He is very bitter though…angry. If there are harsh noises or things falling off a surface by the front windows, it is because of him.

 Remember, this was a Nursing Home.  

Is there a brick building in front of the building you are investigating? Or a store or church or something?  I ask because the old man is also hating what that building is. Wow…he was NOT a happy man at all! Even in death he is grumpy!

I hear a lot of sneezing going on. I don’t know if that is from a spirit or someone, live, in the house. Perhaps it is one of you investigators. It is due to a tickling sensation, (as opposed to an allergy) because there is a teenager spirit who is tickling someone’s nose. He thinks it is funny, so keeps at it until it is VERY annoying. This kid looks like the typical “Surfer Dude,” – blond hair, tan, tall, slender. I’m waiting for Beach Boy songs to pop up: “Catch A Wave And You’re Sittin’ On Top Of The World.” I don’t think he has been crossed over for too long of time. If he’s been gone two years, I’d be surprised. I have asked him how old he is and I believe he is saying either 18 or 19.

 When there are many spirits in a place, it will tend to attract more. This boy she is speaking of obviously did not cross over and he found this place to be.

Toward the back of this building, I see an older woman. She is quite plump and waddles when she walks. She has a plate of cookies or a pie or some kind of dessert/pastry in her hands. She loves to bake. If the kitchen is to the back of the house and food odors are detected, this is due to her baking still. My mouth is drooling anyway! J

Does someone keep tripping over something that is not there?  I see two things: 1. A dog spirit. It look like an Irish Setter or Golden Labrador. 2. Broken crockery. I don’t know if it is dishes, or jugs, or bowls. But at the same exact spot I see broken items and the dog.  It seems like this place that people trip up is at the beginning of a very short hallway.

Was this house built maybe in the 1940 or 1950s? It seems like the person who built this house also built the other houses around it.  I feel a ‘carpenter’ or ‘contractor’ is still at the house, or perhaps it is a worker. For some reason, he really liked the house and so he’s decided to stay. Maybe this is a family member who worked on the house or remodeled it or something.

It was built around that time and since it was a Nursing Home they built a lot of stuff in the area. Very possible it is an old maintenance man has found a place to be.

If there an attic…or crawl space? Something is going on up there but I can’t see what. I’m not sure what the noise is from: scratching or tapping maybe. I can’t hear it very well, but looking up at the ceiling, I see some red colors coming out of a trap door. Like red mist. Maybe a ceiling tile if there isn’t an attic entrance.

 This was an odd statement for her to make. While we were in one room, we kept hearing something in the ceiling and chalked it up to a critter of sorts. Maybe we should not have?

Do large trucks pass by this building? If so, do they shake the house? It feels like this house shakes over any vibration that is outside. I don’t think the shaking is from earthquakes, but it might be.

 Yes! Traffic was horrendous while we were there.

The smaller bedroom (if there are two or three). I hear moans. It sounds like a man is in pain or in ecstasy. It can sound like the breeze is coming through a slit in a window or something, and it isn’t too noticeable, but I can hear it. I can’t ‘see’ who is moaning though, but I can see a dark figure in the room…just slightly…like I have a film or floater going across my eyeball.

Sadly – many elderly are not in good shape. This person may have been sick before passing.

This feels funny….I believe I can see/feel a perimeter fence, but it seems like it spans along the back of a few places…not just this building.  ??   And another weird thing about this fence is – it is a barrier for those (spirits) crossing the street, walking in whichever direction the back yard(s) are. The spirits can’t go any further than this fence/barrier.  

WEIRD. What is this place, OR what is the place in front of this building?

There is a pretty thick tree line behind the long building that I do believe goes a very long way. If there is a fence in there, it is hidden by the barrier of the bushes/shrubs/trees.

I believe that the people living in this home/building are seeing a lot of activity because something has started to go on across the street. Maybe a remodeling, or new employees, or new owners…something new is going on and those spirit in the structure are trying to get out/escape. Is there a graveyard or hospital or something across the street?

   Well, many spirits are coming in for refuge, shelter. Have the neighbors had any experiences or activity?  

 Uh … We didn‘t ask! LOL

I see a young child…maybe 10ish. If this is a living child, then he is the reason, too, why the spirits from across the street are coming over. This child can See them/Hear them. I am not sure if the child I’m seeing is live or is a spirit himself/herself…I can’t tell what gender the child is. But this child has extraordinary abilities to communicate with those/others who have crossed over.

This has been an interesting investigation for me, as so many things have been misty, dark…I haven’t been able to see clearly many of the visions. That is very unusual for me as I normally see detail. I wonder if there has been a fire in this house, or pollution of some kind –Rain? – thus making it difficult for me to see past/through this mist or vapor it looks like.

 I think this is about all I can find for now. I just can’t see very well.

Thank you,