2017 The Brick Bar

This was an older business building in downtown. They took it and made a restaurant on the main floor and a bar with a live band in the basement. It also had an upper floor however you had to access it from outside the building.

They contacted us and said there was a lot going on and being intrigued, we went to check it out.

There is a video for your entertainment and a “remote view” for you to read through.

Remote View

August 19, 2017

104 S. 2nd Okemah, Oklahoma

The first thing I see is a bunch of boards all askew and leaning and laying and etc. They look splintered and sharp and dangerous in this pile heap.

The ground floor was all old wood planks. Very rustic. I was actually a little surpised as some of them were craggy and looked a tad sharp.

There is a man spirit, standing over the pile shaking his head. He is dressed like in a maintenance uniform – either a grey or green pants and shirt. He had his hat off, wiping sweat from his brow. I asked him where is from and I believe he said either 1950 or 1952. He is nervous and angry about the pile of broken wood that looks like either 2x4s or old fencing.

Above the ground floor there is a half balcony. They have not cleaned any of that up, up there and it is indeed messy with a lot of junk. The workers said that the owner was standing there one day and a board flew off the balcony and hit close to him.

I don’t know what in the world I’m hearing but it sounds like someone screaming. Is there a school near by where kids yell and holler and scream during recess? This is how I hear the sounds – not like someone is in danger, but screaming because that is just something to do outside. I wish she’d stop – it hurts my ears it is so shrill.

OR…could this be a whistle of some kind? Train. End-of-work shift whistle.? I don’t think this SOUND is at this building, but is almost right next door.

There is a school 3 blocks away. There is another bar right next door as well.

If this building has two stories, (perhaps attic) I would advise the uppermost floor be cleansed with sage or something. I feel there is three Native Americans’ spirit there. I believe at one point they were hiding – perhaps not in this building but in another building that was here before, or if there was an underground chamber: cave or something, maybe a basement.

There is the ground floor which is the restaurant. A basement which is the bar with pool tables and dance floor. The balcony which I told you about. AND .. another story on top of those. They have done nothing with it and it is a mess from non-use.

One of the girls also told me a long time ago there were underground tunnels! However, closed in now.

Anyway, the Native Americans: (1. Man, 1 woman, 1 male teenager, perhaps 17 years of age)  are NOT happy at all that people are in their home/area/cave/spot. Now, I am thinking these three are from the mid1800s…perhaps 1850s or ‘60s. They have been angry for a long time and so if there are things/items/furniture moved, or the sounds like thumps and bumps of things moving are heard in this building, rest assured it is these three.

Noted and I will tell them!

What is this place? I see a calliope! Is this a fairgrounds or something? I don’t know if this is a real like carrousel or if it is a toy. I just see it right in front of my face. And even though I usually love to ride these…yep…even at my age!….this one I’m seeing for the remote is bothering me. Like negative things have happened on it. I think “something lives” there/in it to be honest. For the life of me, I can’t see past the vision I am having. I can’t see into the middle part where the mirrors are, and the gear housing and belts and electric wires and such.

  I wonder if this is the shrill sound – music – I’m hearing. Some carrousel music sucks – it is too loud or raspy speakers or something.

There is a Merry-Go-Round at the school and the bar next door has a canopy over their door. The downstairs bar area was playing loud music. Not sure if any of these are what you are looking at?

If there a kennel around? I see lots of dogs running around the back, outside, of this place. They are phantom poochies though, not live dogs. But there are many of them. They could be wolves or coyotes, but they look like Irish Setters and cream colored Labradors to me.  They run around in a very WIDE circle – they run like they are lost or looking for a way out: gate, door, something.

I am feeling a lot of sadness, anger, lost, confused feelings here.

 Well well well. This brings me to the lady who lived upstairs on the second floor which is in dissarry. She actually owns the building but apparently is also a little crazy. It’s been in the 90’s to 100 degrees here in Oklahoma. There is ZERO A/C or heat up there yet she stayed and slept up up there. When we went up to investigate, we were sweating buckets. There was some sort of ordeal and has left but not that long ago. That would seem a little sad, angry, lost and confused to me.

Was this building, if it is a building, built many times over? For example, fires burned it down many times. Or it was changed: remodeled, added too, torn down and rebuilt. ???  I am just feeling that this building, or area, had a LOT going on it/inside, to where the spirits that have returned or have been ‘kept’ here are not liking all the changes of the floor plan through the years.  

This was built in 1903. Been a feed store, a doctor’s office upstairs, restaurant and bar and no telling what else. Good solid building. BUT … also yes a fire there as well. Soooooo yes. A lot of changes.

All of you PSi, please take care while in on your investigation. I feel a darkness hovers over or in the building and it is NOT tolerable to anything or anyone.

Was this a warehouse at one time? I sense a L A R G E room…wide open space. Was this an airplane hangar? WOW. Here again, I don’t know what this place has been because I’m seeing this warehouse building, and then I’m seeing a comfy little home built on the area! Was this once an industrial area made over into a neighborhood? 

The restaurant area is one HUGE room.

Yikes! My poor brain.

Either way and whatever way this area has been, there is something here that isn’t too positive. Had there been killings, or accidents, or major things moved around, broken, missing? If so, then it is the dark entity that is doing it all.  It seems like the most weirdest things happen here! Things that can’t be explained.

There is a door on the upper floor that it seems leads to nowehere? I mean you open it and you are outside. A man fell out of that to his death. When it was a feed store, a bag of feed fell on a womans head and killed her. I believe there were also 3? Kids who were killed but I don’t remember how or why.

Poltergeist activity. That is what I’m sensing. Boy…that entity is pissed at something, and I don’t feel it is either of the three of the Native Americans. Although, they are very angry.

There are reports of post and pans rattling and a few things missing. Also noises and items moved.

Sneezing. I hear a lot of sneezing going on. There is something in the air that isn’t good. Perhaps pollen, or, what I’m really believing is that entity is sucking out all the good air and all that is left is almost toxic to breath. It sure stinks! Like the air in a room that has been locked up for a very, very, very long time. Ackkkk!

The night we were there, the vent hood in the restaurant was messed up and it was smoky!!! Not sure if that is what you are seeing or maybe the previous fire.

Was there once a big burly man who lived here, or owned the building? He looks like Brutus on the old Popeye cartoons! Ha ha ha  He is a spirit now, and he comes back to look for things he lost. I don’t think he is here all the time, but does return to look for things. If there have ever been drawers opened by themselves and/or cupboards opened, that is him. He is looking for something,  and I think he mostly visits a/the kitchen area.  It thought at first it could be like draws and such in a garage, but no, I faintly smell food and lots of cleansers: like dish detergent, Ajax, bleach.

HaHa! That’s pretty funny! But I think there is a lot of activity in the kitchen area.

This is about all I’m seeing. I don’t want to be here anymore as the shrill whistle/scream, the anger and the stinky air is getting to me.

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