2017 Old Nursing Home

This was a nursing home in Northwestern Oklahoma. It had been closed for a while but they were getting ready to renovate the building for a different use.

We had some good experiences there although not all of it was caught on video or our recorders.

Under the video is a “remote view” from our remote psychic.

Remote View

June 9, 2017

I see lots of white. Perhaps the building is white.

I have a feeling all the white she saw was medical and medical uniforms?

I also see a lot of old people here. Was this the residence to a large family at one time? Lots of grand parents, older aunts and uncles.  ?? It seems like there isn’t enough room to house them all.

One grumpy man is, I believe, in a wheelchair. He is a little hunched over…I don’t know if he is looking out the window or if he has some osteoporosis. But he is hunched over and he is a very bitter man. It feels like he resents (or feels) that something has been taken away from him. Maybe the house? He is very bitter though…angry. If there are harsh noises or things falling off a surface by the front windows, it is because of him.

 Remember, this was a Nursing Home.  

Is there a brick building in front of the building you are investigating? Or a store or church or something?  I ask because the old man is also hating what that building is. Wow…he was NOT a happy man at all! Even in death he is grumpy!

I hear a lot of sneezing going on. I don’t know if that is from a spirit or someone, live, in the house. Perhaps it is one of you investigators. It is due to a tickling sensation, (as opposed to an allergy) because there is a teenager spirit who is tickling someone’s nose. He thinks it is funny, so keeps at it until it is VERY annoying. This kid looks like the typical “Surfer Dude,” – blond hair, tan, tall, slender. I’m waiting for Beach Boy songs to pop up: “Catch A Wave And You’re Sittin’ On Top Of The World.” I don’t think he has been crossed over for too long of time. If he’s been gone two years, I’d be surprised. I have asked him how old he is and I believe he is saying either 18 or 19.

 When there are many spirits in a place, it will tend to attract more. This boy she is speaking of obviously did not cross over and he found this place to be.

Toward the back of this building, I see an older woman. She is quite plump and waddles when she walks. She has a plate of cookies or a pie or some kind of dessert/pastry in her hands. She loves to bake. If the kitchen is to the back of the house and food odors are detected, this is due to her baking still. My mouth is drooling anyway! J

Does someone keep tripping over something that is not there?  I see two things: 1. A dog spirit. It look like an Irish Setter or Golden Labrador. 2. Broken crockery. I don’t know if it is dishes, or jugs, or bowls. But at the same exact spot I see broken items and the dog.  It seems like this place that people trip up is at the beginning of a very short hallway.

Was this house built maybe in the 1940 or 1950s? It seems like the person who built this house also built the other houses around it.  I feel a ‘carpenter’ or ‘contractor’ is still at the house, or perhaps it is a worker. For some reason, he really liked the house and so he’s decided to stay. Maybe this is a family member who worked on the house or remodeled it or something.

It was built around that time and since it was a Nursing Home they built a lot of stuff in the area. Very possible it is an old maintenance man has found a place to be.

If there an attic…or crawl space? Something is going on up there but I can’t see what. I’m not sure what the noise is from: scratching or tapping maybe. I can’t hear it very well, but looking up at the ceiling, I see some red colors coming out of a trap door. Like red mist. Maybe a ceiling tile if there isn’t an attic entrance.

 This was an odd statement for her to make. While we were in one room, we kept hearing something in the ceiling and chalked it up to a critter of sorts. Maybe we should not have?

Do large trucks pass by this building? If so, do they shake the house? It feels like this house shakes over any vibration that is outside. I don’t think the shaking is from earthquakes, but it might be.

 Yes! Traffic was horrendous while we were there.

The smaller bedroom (if there are two or three). I hear moans. It sounds like a man is in pain or in ecstasy. It can sound like the breeze is coming through a slit in a window or something, and it isn’t too noticeable, but I can hear it. I can’t ‘see’ who is moaning though, but I can see a dark figure in the room…just slightly…like I have a film or floater going across my eyeball.

Sadly – many elderly are not in good shape. This person may have been sick before passing.

This feels funny….I believe I can see/feel a perimeter fence, but it seems like it spans along the back of a few places…not just this building.  ??   And another weird thing about this fence is – it is a barrier for those (spirits) crossing the street, walking in whichever direction the back yard(s) are. The spirits can’t go any further than this fence/barrier.  

WEIRD. What is this place, OR what is the place in front of this building?

There is a pretty thick tree line behind the long building that I do believe goes a very long way. If there is a fence in there, it is hidden by the barrier of the bushes/shrubs/trees.

I believe that the people living in this home/building are seeing a lot of activity because something has started to go on across the street. Maybe a remodeling, or new employees, or new owners…something new is going on and those spirit in the structure are trying to get out/escape. Is there a graveyard or hospital or something across the street?

   Well, many spirits are coming in for refuge, shelter. Have the neighbors had any experiences or activity?  

 Uh … We didn‘t ask! LOL

I see a young child…maybe 10ish. If this is a living child, then he is the reason, too, why the spirits from across the street are coming over. This child can See them/Hear them. I am not sure if the child I’m seeing is live or is a spirit himself/herself…I can’t tell what gender the child is. But this child has extraordinary abilities to communicate with those/others who have crossed over.

This has been an interesting investigation for me, as so many things have been misty, dark…I haven’t been able to see clearly many of the visions. That is very unusual for me as I normally see detail. I wonder if there has been a fire in this house, or pollution of some kind –Rain? – thus making it difficult for me to see past/through this mist or vapor it looks like.

 I think this is about all I can find for now. I just can’t see very well.

Thank you,


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