2013 Psycho Path

The people at the Psycho Path were very generous and allowed us to come back just for fun. They all know it’s haunted.

We have a video and a “remote view” from our psychic, Sandie LaNae listed below.

Remote View  2013

1517 E. 106th Street North

Sperry, Oklahoma

I am seeing a man spirit, leaning against/over a fence. I believe the fence it to the road. He is smoking waiting or either a ride or someone coming ‘home’ in a car. But it is an old car, like a Model T. The man’s clothing – dark colored baggy trousers and white shirt with arms rolled up – look like farm-ware in the early part of the 1900s.   The road is dirt.

There is a fence on the front of the property next to the road. The owner and his oldest daughter have seen someone walking along the road in front of the property but when they go out to the road to see who it is, the guy has disappeared.  They have both said that the guy was wearing a white shirt.  

I hear ‘hoooo hoooo hooo’. Are there owls or doves/pigeons nearby?

Actually, we did hear some hoot owls and some pigeons that night.

I see the spirit of a dark large dog running back and forth in front of a building – house or outbuilding like a barn or shed. It looks like a hairy Labrador type of dog. Long fur blows out behind him/her when it runs. S(H)e is happy though, like the dog is playing or running after something fun.  Has the owner of this place recently been hearing a dog barking – but no dog is around? If so, it is this phantom dog.

Must be a Phantom dog.

Playful. I am seeing children jumping up and down, happy over something. I am not sure if they are playing a jumping game or if they are just jumping for joy over something. Perhaps they are having fun with the dog. Their laughter is quite loud. Did you hear kids laughing?

 One of the teams that were using the flashlight to communicate felt like they were talking with a young boy.

It seems like to the south east or south west side of a large building stands a fairly large tree. Or there used to be one in this spot. There is a phantom boy that hides either behind the tree or IN the tree trunk. It is either hollowed out naturally or by someone digging at it. Here too, the little boy looks to be wearing clothing from the 1920s or 30s. He has what looks like a bowl cut hair-do. He looks to be about 7ish.  ??? 

 Southwest from the costume and makeup buildings there used to be a homestead.  This is also where that old well is located.

   Ok. Was someone buried near/next to/under this tree? I am not sure it is the little boy or not. It seems like the person buried here either wasn’t known – a transient perhaps – or wasn’t reported missing, or something like this scenario. I think if the area was dug up bones would be found. I don’t feel good at this tree, but I can’t figure out why the boy is hiding in the tree. Maybe he is the one buried there, or it is a family member or he saw the person being buried and he is trying to get the area noticed by his energy there. This is confusing for me as I can’t decipher just what is what.

Have you heard bells? I’m not sure it is wind chimes, or a church bell calling service, or a house door bell, but the bell(s) ring frequently.

A couple of the guys had to go back to get something they left to a place called “Hillbilly” and when they came back, they said they heard Hillbilly wind chimes. When we asked what they meant, they said it sounded like wind chimes but made with stuff around a yard.

Hammer. I hear someone asking for a hammer. Was there an incident involving a hammer, or, perhaps a woodworker living here? I keep hearing a man say, “I need a hammer…where is my hammer?”

While we were out in the middle between sessions, we heard what sounded like someone took something like a hammer and nagged it on one of the barrels.

Has this place been on tv or the news or something lately? I hear the word, “sensationalism.” Has this place been wrongly accused of faking paranormal activity? Or those who are skeptic or unbelieving saying something? It seems like there has been negative speaking of this place. And it’s not fair for this area/building to have such nonsense said about it.

Maybe the sensationalism is the fact that it is a Haunted Attraction. Any Halloween haunted attraction “fakes” the scenes for the public but this place really has sightings of spirits as well. Also, Psycho Path was featured in a news spot last October.  They were supposed to perform the opening show but several things went wrong and caused some negative publicity.  

Road sign. If there a large, what looks like a huge sideways “V”   (like this>) pointing the way to this place, nearby? If so, a spirit isn’t happy that this place is ‘advertised’ or shown the way to because of this sign. This spirit is pretty pissed off because of that sign. I have a feeling this spirit and the sign is associated with the negative TV or media commentary as stated in the above paragraph.

They have a new billboard which has an arrow pointing in the direction of the haunt.  This sign caused some controversy when they first put it up because of the creature on the sign.  

I see a small girl in a cute dress, hair up in pigtails walking on a wooden sidewalk or porch. She, like the dog, just walks back and forth the length of the walk way. It looks like she is carrying a doll. She looks to be about 4 or 5. And she ‘feels’ to me like she is waiting for someone to come onto the property too, just like the man by the fence.

   Do you know of a significant event where someone came to this place or came home and that event was known to many people? It sure feels, with the man leaning on the fence and this little girl that their anxiousness about someone coming to this building/house was known to many people. I guess it might not have happened what with the spirits still waiting, or, it did happen and it was such a happy event that the spirits are wanting to live it again.

Patent. Did someone here at one time invent something to where the patent is still in use?  Weird. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the word Patent.

Squabbling. If there are chickens here, or were here, they are sure putting up a ruckus! Something has got them stirred up and squabbling with each other!

Why … Yes! Here is a picture of the old chicken coop.

Ferry boat. Is there a river nearby? I hear a riverboat, or, some kind of boat blowing its horn. It is annoying. It won’t stop! That and the bells are driving me nuts. It sure is noisy here!

There are two major creeks that run very near the land but we don’t know if there has ever been any major boating on either of these creeks.  The original settlement of Sperry was along one of these creeks so it is possible that some type of boats were used at one time.

That is about it. My ears, between the dog barking, the chickens squawking, the bells and that horn, are about to fall off!  The only soothing sound is the owl/pigeons.

Have a good investigation! I’m gone!

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