2012 “S” Courthouse

We had visited this old but real courthouse before and wanted to go back. We had taken some friends with us who were interested in the place. We did get some cool Evp’s and pics which I am pleased with. When we go back to places, we never get the same things.

We did have the Ghost Box going but it doesn’t sound like a Ghost Box voice. The guys were discussing something completely different and one conceded, Yea it does. Then the voice, who obviously agrees said, “Yea, it does”.

We are starting to pick up our toys to go home. Towards the end you can hear a female say, “Oh Dear”.
I think this one is funny. We are looking at a possible hole in the ceiling and the female with us just says, huh. But then you hear another female say … “What?” So confused.

Had lots of orb pics but this is unusual. The first pic is the original and the second shows the blob bigger. This place is clean and well cared for. There was zero trash. I have no clue what this is.

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