2012 Old Abandoned Hospital

This was the first time we went to this old hospital. Because it was so great, you will find we went several times.

Six stories of broken dreams.

A short video to give you a sense of the place and our investigation and a Remote View from our psychic, Sandie is below. Enjoy.

Remote View

Old Abandoned Hospital


I see a very long white fence. Does this surround a large tract of land?

I am sure there is a fence. We went through a front gate and the place is on originally a 1000 acres. That would be considered a large tract, to me.

I hear whooshing sounds like car tires on the road passing along that w i d e length of fencing.

There are a lot of roads in and around the place.

I see several man spirits standing and leaning against what looks like a pole or the end of a building/barn/stable. They are all wearing perhaps 1920’s clothing…each has a vest on. They are talking about who is” going to go first.” ???

I see horses surrounding the buildings. Is this where horses are kept or bred? I can’t help but think there were stables or a smithy shop here a very long time ago. I see live and spirit horses.

That would be about right. They started making plans to build this place aprox. 1909. They have pictures from that time period on the grounds and you will see men on horses. If there are horses – there has to be barns.

I see a small girl spirit, with the cute pinafore dress, ribbons in her hair, high top button shoes carrying a rag doll. She is walking down a dirt road or dirt pathway. She seems happy one minute, sad the next. I can’t see where she came from or where she is going…it seems like she is looping herself along one small tract of that road. I wonder if she were killed/died in that 20 feet of land/road and lives her death over and over.

I believe the second floor is where people hear children. Supposedly, there is a boy and a girl. However, many children came through this place.

I am seeing an old house, but it seems as though it has been remodeled or added too with newer rooms, or roof. I see the house is white with a pink or mauve (at least that what the color is to me) trimmings. Has an earthquake hurt one side of the house/roofline? Did something crash into it? It seems like the wiring or plumbing could be dangerous now due to the damaged house.

This place has been remodeled, some. I think the original building was several YARDS from the back of the now building. I am unsure of what happened. Maybe the building was just too small. But it was pretty wrecked inside so even though I am not an electrician – I’m going safely say they have a few “issues”. And there were some areas where the ceiling was falling down. That being said, there are several house types of buildings on the grounds.

I keep hearing “I arrived.” Is this a spa or hotel or lodging place of some kind – in the past or now? I hear different voices say “I arrived.”

You got the Spa – Hotel – Lodging place. They would always try to play those places as a retreat instead of a hospital.

If there is an upstairs/attic to the building, I am hearing scratches on the flooring of this section. It seems like a spirit is laying on the floor, in pain, and scratches the floor hoping someone will hear him and come to his aid. You know, my vision was creepy about that…I could see a man on the floor and he was scratching like he was trying to move himself. It was a true horror-movie vision.

Charity and her group heard scratching on one of the floors and have a light EVP with the scratching.

Wails. When the wind blows I have a feeling that there are not just sounds of the wind blowing through a crevice or open window, but wails of young men and women. Like either in ecstasy or in pain. Sometimes both situations emit the same kind of wails or moans.

It is said that people had heard wailing on the 3rd or 4th floor. George got a moan on his that is on the EVP page.

I am seeing a spirit man, again in turn of the century clothing, running to a building. He is running as fast as he can to either get away from something, or quickly get to the house/building. Again….the “I arrived.”

We cannot confirm this as it seems to be a vision of the past. But we do have an EVP that says, “They’re here”.

I am hearing the number 17. Was this at one time part of the address here? Or there are 17 significant items/buildings here.

We have not figured that out yet.

I see some kind of spirit – human or bird? – swooping in from a hill behind the house. ?? Or if there is a large building behind the house. I’m not sure just what I’m seeing as it is too dark. But I can feel and hear and kind of see something swooping in. It has large wings or some kind of arm-span. What the hell is that?

Not exactly sure – BUT the windows upstairs were large and had bars across them. There were a few windows (not all) had dead pigeon type birds laying at the bottom of the windows. Not sure how they got between bars and the glass. There were recent dead birds down to skeletons of dead birds. They were, at times, 2 bodies deep. A real head scratcher.

What is across the street? I am feeling very negative, hateful energies from across the street. It seems like someone is very jealous, envious, competitive and petty. I feel these energies are from a living being, not from someone who has crossed over… But at times, the hateful energies are so powerful that birds will scatter from the trees in front. Weird. But negative thought patterns can soar through any airwave. Sad.

There are still some buildings on the grounds that take care of people. Not the building we were in but in the other buildings on the ground there.

In the kitchen/kitchen area there is someone sitting at the/a table. He, older man, is thinking on something….sometimes he grunts when he has an epiphany in this thinking…he is smoking either cigarette or cigar. His smoke can be smelled at certain times. I know he’d love to have a cup of very strong coffee. Perhaps the owner could make him one?

There was a kitchen on every floor. This sounds more like an interesting glimpse into the past.

I keep hearing the word “Terrible.” Was there a horrific accident here?

Being a hospital in this time period, they lost too many people. It was terrible.

Sparkling lights. Has anyone stated they see sparkling lights? It seems like the lights are seen over an outbuilding – shed, barn. For some reason, some kind of fairy type of spirit lives in/on/around that building. How fun! I haven’t seen those kind of energies in a while. How lucky for them.

Wish I had seen them!!!

Was this a battlefield at one time? I can’t help seeing some very horrific deaths across the wide expanse of land. It looks like a Gettysburg type of spirit phenomena…spirits walking around all over the place! Way too many spirits walking around in despair, heads held low, stumbling along. Sad.

Yea – all patients. I can see how she would confuse it with a battleground. So many sick people in such a confined area and dying so fast over so many years.

If there is a water way – river or creek or stream or pond or pool – nearby the water needs to be checked. It is kind of toxic.

Although I have no doubt there is water on such a large area of land, you probably honed in on the basement. It had standing water that looked nasty. We were a little ill at ease with that aspect.

(No offence to the place or people you investigated, but, I didn’t like this place at all. It was quite difficult for me to ‘see’ things because I just wanted to get away from here. Weird.)

I can see why.

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