PSI of North West Arkansas and Tulsa


Ghosts are real!

We have moved to the Ft. Smith, Arkansas area but will still travel. I cannot change the name, PSI of Tulsa, on the website.

About Us

We have moved from Tulsa to the Ft. Smith, Arkansas area. Not too far, but far enough to start investigation in this new area. 

We are a group of normal people with normal jobs and normal families that happen to like investigating the paranormal. We have been doing this since 2009 and we practiced for a year or so before that.

Practiced, you ask?

Yes! There was no way we were ready to go out on some of the investigations before the learning curve as we didn’t know anything about the knack to investigating.

We had to learn how to work our equipment properly. We had to learn when going through the evidence how to recognize that we had something of value and how to use it. Listening for other worldly voices is definitely an art. And you have to know if your ghost hunting partner or escort did something human so you know to throw it out. Useful pictures and videos. We did a lot of research on different types of hauntings, more equipment and properly conducting a group. So much to learn before putting ourselves out there! But it paid off.

Do we know everything? Absolutely not. Anything we run into new, we just learn. It is an ongoing process.

We have investigated a vast array of different and unusual places. Yes, some places were just for us and for fun. Some places were businesses. We also do home investigations when we are needed.

There is never a charge for our services.

We are serious about confidentiality. We never identify the investigation site on our website or FaceBook page unless that place/person allows it. Even then, there are things we will not publish like people’s names or home addresses.

Steve is the Arkansas Co-Founder Tammy – Investigator
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Cindy – Investigator
Laurie – Investigator
Jamie – Investigator

We occasionally take on other people for the team. You are welcome to email us or contact us through FaceBook. We absolutely have requirements and do background checks.

We also have a Psychic and Remote Viewer as an “Honorary Member” of our team. Sandie LaNae lives in Nevada and assists on difficult investigations. She is a wonderful and invaluable addition to our team and has been for years.

If you have any questions but do not want an investigation, we would be happy to talk to you via email or FaceBook. We like to help.

To email: PSIofNWA@Gmail.com

FaceBook: PSIofNorthWestArkansas

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